About R&R Roasters




Ryan and Rebecca were passionate about good coffee long before they met. Since they've joined forces, they've only become more so. While their interests are pretty diverse: art, music, books, and running... Coffee is still what fuels all the others. Ryan began roasting coffee several years ago, and quickly grew to love the process. Rebecca works as a barista in nearby Hutchinson, and her favorite aspect of her work is educating people about coffee and developing their palates. Together, they're fanatic about making great coffee available to great people. They live on the Kansas prairies near Partridge with their dogs, Alex and Aliyah, and a small flock of Rhode Island Reds.

Our coffee:

Truly delicious coffee in your cup is the result of a long story of hard work and careful attention to detail. We source our beans with care: our supplier visits coffee farms in person to ensure the quality of each lot purchased. Beyond being Fair Trade certified, he ensures the farmer is paid an honest price for their organic beans. It's our happy responsibility to do these amazing beans justice by roasting them in small batches. Since freshness is a huge factor in full, complex flavor, we don't roast your coffee until you order it. Then we ship it to you within two days of roasting so you can complete the process: brew and enjoy!