About R&R Roasters


Our little family

Our little family


R&R Roasters consists of Ryan & Rebecca Shetler. We love the process of finding some of the best coffee beans in the world, roasting them, and enjoying them while still fresh. In February of 2015, we began sharing the goodness we'd been enjoying and roasting for other people. We love to send the freshest and best coffee to your door! 

While we're currently web-based, we're happy to save our local friends money by offering local pickup from our home on the outskirts of Hutchinson, Kansas. Great coffee fosters great community, and we're glad you found us! 

Our coffee:

Truly delicious coffee in your cup is the result of a long story of hard work and careful attention to detail. We source our beans with care: our supplier visits coffee farms in person to ensure the quality of each lot purchased. Beyond being Fair Trade certified, he ensures the farmer is paid an honest price for their beans. It's our privilege to do these amazing beans justice by roasting them in small batches. Since freshness is a huge factor in full, complex flavor, we don't roast your coffee until you order it. Then we ship it to you within two days of roasting so you can complete the process: brew and enjoy!